Kava Kava

Kava Kava
Piper Methysticum (Intoxicating Pepper), better known as Kava Kava is the Polynesian spiritual drink used for millenia amongst the islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Used in social gatherings, island rituals, coming of age ceremonies or just for a good time, Kava Kava is unique to the Western Pacific region, from Papua New Guinea to Fiji.

The spiritual drink is made by creating a juice from the powdered roots of the plant by soaking and kneading the kava lactones from the roots, and flavouring with coconut milk, pineapple - or whatever is your preference.

The finished drink is uplifting, energizing and allows anyone in the world to experience a unique part of Polynesian culture.

Our suppliers in Vanuatu and Fiji offer 2 slightly different types of Kava Kava, one slightly more sedating, one slightly more energizing - but both are of the highest quality and from local farmers who have been working in Kava Kava cultivation for over a century.

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