Mad Honey

Mad Honey
Mad Honey is a colloquial term for honey made from bees which are exclusively fed on Rhododendron pollen. Lower doses get you high, higher doses are psychedelic!!!

It is farmed around the Black Sea in Turkey, which is home to vast Rhododendron forests.

Mad Honey is one of the rarest and most expensive honeys in the world, due to the difficulty of harvest and the rarity of rhododendron forests which are large enough to create a honey mono-culture (where there is only one type of flower available for bees to feed from). Its has a unique taste, still sweet, but distinctly more bitter than normal honeys - and is a rich deep red.

Ultra Mad Honey found the location in Turkey which yielded the (lab-tested) highest strength mad honey, most consistently and made an exclusive deal - so we can bring to you the most potent mad honey in the world, again and again.

Try Ultra Mad Honey today - feel the buzz!!!

  • The Rhododendron flower imparts a unique property to the honey, eating it gets you high!!!
  • A standard dose is 25g-50g and leave you feeling pleasantly happy mentally and physically for 2-4 hours.
  • Lower doses - up to 15g act as a mild euphoriant and aphrodisiac. Doses higher than 50g, may yield a psychedelic experience.
  • It is not recommended more than 50g should be consumed in any one sitting.
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